Adult Programs

Basic Computer Classes:

Co-sponsored by City of Wetaskiwin FCSS and County of Wetaskiwin FCSS.

Computer classes are available in the City of Wetaskiwin and the County of Wetaskiwin throughout the year. Contact the Learning Centre to ask how to bring these classes to your community.  Check our calendar for dates, times and regional locations.

For all programs, participants must bring all existing usernames and passwords. Please be considerate of those with allergies or sensitivities and refrain from wearing perfumes or scented products. A laptop will be provided; however, participants may bring their own laptop computers.

Basic Computer Classes:

Co-sponsored by City of Wetaskiwin FCSS, County of Wetaskiwin FCSS & Town of Millet FCSS

Computer classes are available in the City of Wetaskiwin, The County of Wetaskiwin and the Town of Millet throughout the year. Contact the Learning Centre to ask how to bring these classes to your community. Classes in Wetaskiwin are held on Thursdays beginning in September – check our calendar for dates, times and regional locations.

For all programs, participants must bring all existing usernames and passwords. Please be considerate of those with allergies or sensitivities and refrain from wearing perfumes or scented products. A laptop will be provided; however, participants may bring their own laptop computers.

NEW! Computing Essentials Series – 12 hrs

New for 2019

Week 1: Computer Basics
Starting your computer; Using a Mouse and Keyboard; Opening and Closing Windows; The Start Menu; Operating Systems

Week 2: Files and Folders
Programs and Shortcuts; Working with Files & Folders

Week 3: Internet and Email
The Internet and Connecting; Electronic Mail

Week 4: Pictures and Facebook
Pictures: terminology, library, creating and naming folders, viewing pictures, moving pictures, emailing pictures, image editors and more
Facebook: What is Facebook?, signing up, adding friends, profile page, following a page, account settings and security, posting on Facebook, editing and deleting a post, notifications, logging out

1. PC 1 – Windows 10 Computer Basics for Beginners – 8 hrs

Level: Beginner

We explore:

  • Operating system features such as copy, paste, print
  • Storage structures; saving and finding files, documents and photos
  • Control panel settings
  • Adding and removing programs and apps
  • Using and customizing menus
  • Connecting to printers and devices
  • Using basic programs
  • Connecting to wireless routers
  • Personalization

Bring your usernames and passwords.

2. Spreadsheet Principles – 15 hrs

This program focuses on working with excel for home and office, and can give you the necessary tools to become a very capable user. The learning can be adapted to other spreadsheet programs. These are small classes with excellent hands-on project-based resources and lots of personalized instruction.

We explore:

  • Creating formulas and using formula functions
  • Manipulating page layouts
  • Customizing workbooks
  • Using formatting features
  • Page set-up and layout options
  • Charts, styles, filters and database functions

Bring your usernames, passwords and flash drive or external backup device.

3. PC 2 – Managing Your Windows 10 Computer – 8 hrs

For the user who is familiar with Windows but confused with Windows 10, and desires a greater understanding of PC management, care and use.

We explore:

  • The operating system-overview and features
    • Desktop
    • Start menu
    • Tile area
    • Settings, power
    • Taskbar, notification area, action center, task view
    • Wi-Fi, sound, clock and cloud
  • Using Windows
    • Minimize, maximize, restore, shake and snap
    • Clipboard, print screen, cup, copy and paste
    • File explorer
      • File management
      • Creating, deleting and organizing files and folders
    • Built-in programs
      • Windows store
      • Paint, Photos, Mail, Calendar, People, WordPad, Skype, Snipping Tool, etc.
    • Local vs. Microsoft accounts
      • Creating new accounts for family and friends
  • Downloading, installing and removing software
    • Browsers and utilities from the Internet
      • PDF readers, Media players, free office software, etc.
      • Anti-virus programs
    • Find and uninstall through settings and the Control Panel
  • Maintenance
    • Backup
      • Windows 10 file history backup
      • Manual backups using File Manager
    • Formatting disks and USB drives
    • Restore and recovery
    • System information

Bring your usernames, passwords and flash drive or external backup device.

4. Word Processing Principles – 18 hrs

For those who know what word processing is but need a more in-depth skill level – suitable for most business requirements.

Become well versed in transferable word processing principles and skills. Learn to apply word processing principles, skills and techniques across a variety of operating systems and versions (PC, Mac, MS Word, OpenOffice, etc.). Project-based learning using fun and easy-to-follow resources.

We explore:

  • Creating, saving and editing documents
  • Creating tables and columns
  • Learning features and capabilities
  • Learning formatting, styles, graphics, layouts, templates
  • Setting margins, tabs, rulers
  • Adjusting settings, tools and customization
  • Creating footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, numbers and bullets
  • Adding headers, footers, page numbering, text boxes, special characters, shapes
  • Using hyperlinks
  • Printing documents and PDFs
  • Creating labels, tables, envelopes and mail merges

Bring your usernames, passwords and flash drive or external backup device.

Prerequisites: Basic keyboarding skills

5. Presentation Principles – Introduction to PowerPoint (4 hours)
  • Create a simple presentation
    1. Adding text, titles, subtitles
    2. Adding additional slides
    3. Using layout
    4. Add photos, videos, audio, sounds
    5. Backgrounds and designs
    6. Transitions, animations
    7. Adding comments to guide the presenter
  • Explore templates
  • Packaging the presentation
  • Showing the presentation
6. Password Systems – 2 hrs

Most programs require a password and it can be challenging to remember so many different passwords. Learn how to easily manage and keep track of all your passwords without having to keep a list.

We explore:

  • How to develop a password system that is easy to remember and manage
  • How to retrieve lost passwords
  • How to change e-mail and other passwords
  • The importance of a good password system

Participants should come prepared to set or reset passwords. Bring your current usernames, passwords and list of programs you will want to use (Skype, e-mail, etc.).

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills

7. E-Mail Basics – 2 hrs

For those wanting to learn how to set up and use e-mail to help communicate better with friends and family.

We explore:

  • Setting up and creating e-mail accounts in Gmail and/or Outlook
  • Creating an email account; managing, sending and receiving e-mail
  • Sending and receiving attachments such as photos or documents
  • Using e-mail apps on phones and tablets

Bring your usernames and passwords.

Prerequisites: Basic use of computers and knowledge of your tablet and cell phone operating systems

8. Advanced E-Mail – 2 hrs

An introduction to advanced features found in mail management programs. For people who want to learn the advanced features provided by e-mail client programs like Office Outlook or Windows Mail. It can also be adapted to specific web mail programs like Gmail.

We explore:

  • Setting up contact lists
  • Creating and managing group lists
  • Using multiple webmail or pop accounts within one program
  • Importing/exporting contact lists
  • Using advanced calendar features
  • Merging and forwarding accounts

Bring your usernames and passwords.


  • Basic e-mail skills, including attachments
  • Basic e-mail course is recommended, but not necessary for skilled users
9. Cloud Storage – 2 hrs

For those new to the world of cloud storage.

We explore

  • Using cloud storage systems such as One Drive and Drop Box
  • Keeping backups of photos and important files in a remote location other than your computer
  • Sharing larger documents and photos using cloud storage
  • Accessing all of your files from any computer (or smartphone or tablet) anywhere in the world

Bring your current usernames and passwords, and a flash drive or external hard drive with photos.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills

10. Digital Photo Workshop – 4 hrs

This hands-on class (with lots of help) is for those wanting to edit, organize and creatively use digital photos from their PCs, smartphones or other devices. Instruction is provided on PCs only.

We explore:

  • Transferring photos from various devices to your PC and/or cloud storage
  • Using basic free editing tools to adjust photos, remove red-eye and imperfections
  • Preparing photos for use in scrapbooks, calendars, cards, and so on
  • Finding free apps for preparing electronic or digital scrapbooks
  • Preparing and sizing photos for printing or sharing online
  • Creating backup copies of your photos
  • Organizing and filing photos for storage and easy viewing

Bring the electronic devices that contain your photos (smartphones, cameras, tablets or laptops), and cords or cables. We also will supply a PC for the workshop.

11. Finding Free Programs on the Internet – Safely – 4 hrs

For people who want to use legal and legitimate software for specific applications on their Windows Personal Computers but don’t want to pay for everything they install. Find, install and use legitimate and very useful free software to solve a variety of needs.

We explore:

  • Office software for word processing, spread sheets, presentations, databases and drawing
  • Photo editing and photo management software for sorting, correcting, and adjusting digital photos
  • Web page creation software for making websites and web pages for personal and business use
  • Video and media software for playing movies and music
  • Recording software for creating, editing and adjusting audio recordings
  • Utilities for backing up movies and music or copying to your smartphone
  • Anti-virus software to keep your computer healthy
  • Mail management software to read all of your e-mail programs in one place
  • Drawing software to create your own artwork or apply artistic filters to digital photographs

Bring your current usernames and passwords. Your own laptop computer is recommended but not required.

Prerequisites: Good working knowledge of Windows; ability to install and uninstall programs

12. Facebook – 4 hrs

For new Facebook users wanting to start with a knowledge of security and features available to minimize risk in this social networking environment. We explore:

  • Setting up a free Facebook account
  • Managing privacy and security settings
  • Uploading photos and text
  • Finding and sharing with friends
  • Posting announcements, information and photos

Bring usernames and passwords, and a flash drive or external hard drive or smartphone with photos. Prerequisites: Basic computer skills

13. Managing Windows User Accounts – 2 hrs

Learn how to create user accounts to protect you, your children and your PC. Control who uses your PC and what they can do with it.

14. File Management and Storage for your PC – 2 hrs

Create a logical file system that makes sense of your files, documents and photos. Organize all of your files in a simple structure that makes them easy to find.

15. PC Backup: What you need to know – 2 hrs

Learn how to backup documents, files and photos using simple techniques. Click and drag to save your documents and digital memories while preventing permanent data loss from viruses, scammers or hardware failures.

16. Downloading and Filing on your PC – 2 hrs

If you Downloads folder is full of confusing stuff from the internet, it’s time to take control and learn what to save, where to save it, and what to safely delete to keep your PC running smoothly.

Other Classes

Money Matters

Money Matters is a free introductory financial literacy program for adult learners. We cover the following topics:

  • Spending Plans
  • Banking Basics
  • Borrowing Money
  • RESPs and other ways to save

Contact our office at 780-352-7257 to inquire.

Learning Centre

Our learning centre is open and available for you to receive the help you need to reach your learning goals. This includes adult literacy learning, pre-GED (General Equivalency Diploma) prep, foundational math, reading, writing and specialized ESL (English as a Second Language) help. Drop in or make an appointment to speak with our learning coordinator to get started on your learning journey. Program subsidies may be available for Learning Centre services.

Need To Write An Exam?
Exam Invigilation for most Post Secondary Institutions. Save time, travel and money by writing your exam closer to home. Contact our office to inquire about this learner support service.

Learning Centre Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 2 – 4 pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9 -3 pm
or by appointment

Tell us what you need…. We are ready to help!

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